Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Commonwealth

Of Massachusetts..


Christmas In the Hole, also known as Double Deck, one day befoe Christmas Eve, or two days before Christmas (the Mass of our lord Jesus).

Hanover Street, in the North End. Had a fabulous Italian Dinner at La Cantina. Bombolatti alla Aragosta.

And then.. Drinks. Lots of drinks.

Photo taken at the next bar, which just came up on my online bank statement. Only a cool sixty, if you're interested. "The Something," I believe it is called. Or kind of close. This is a sign that hangs above the stairway, leading down to the respective restrooms of both sexes.

The bartendress poured me the largest Jagermeister/Red Bull beverage I have ever had.

We walked though downtown Boston and embraced the annals of East Coast history. A divine wind blows through said city, and not in the Kamikaze sense. A Philadelphian kinship, with the weight of a Liberty bell hanging in the balance between grace.. and modernity.

Back in California, deer walked through the parking lot of my work building. Your ability to spot them in this photograph depends on thine own sensibility to light, passion, and pure, unadulterated wonder.

Monday, December 11, 2006

New Post, in which I figure out how to Download pictures from my cell phone (email them, damnit)

In the several months since I've gotten my new cell phone, I've seen, and, as you will see, photographed many poignant moments.

I've seen little babies (ain't mine!) rejoice in my presence (if in = "for the reason of")

I have seen the 11-2 San Diego Super Chargers dismantle the Denver Broncos 48-20, with L.T. setting the single season T.D. record...

Saw Tom Petty in concert, Stevie Nicks came out on stage.. and neither of them died!

In addition to such, I sat around a fire the eve of my 30th birthday..

Reflected solemnly on mine own age and wisdom.. using said wisdom all the while. How was that wisdom utilized? To reflect, naturally. Solemnly. Outside of a boat parts store, near Huntington Beach.

Drove a large car down the famed Beach Boulevard..

Ate a wonderful breakfast in bed...

Photographed myself as a 30 year old man. They say Narcissus was a virgo, you know. You know what else?

Ilearned the most important life lesson one can hope to acquire..

.. That All Honorable Men...

.. Belong to the same tribe.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Recently went with the lady friend to Rosarito, about 45 minutes south of Tijuana on the Baja coast. Where decrepit old homes sit on bluffs overlooking oceanic majesty.

In this house live many birds. Under the house, lots of bird shit.

The back of the house, though, still pretty nice action happening.

And what's that sailboat looking thingy in the distance?

One of the props from Master and Commander. That outcropping of land is home to Fox Studios, where they shot Titanic and the aforementioned boat movie.

Ah, but all good things must come to an end.. Like the tenure of the lady friends' family trailer, having stayed on the same lot for 30+ years. And most of the homes seen in these photographs. Because of this good ole' monstrosity, now under construction a couple of hundred feet up the beach.

Viva Mexico.