Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No Drinking for Four Days

..Except for last night, which ended the valiant streak.

And how's the poop, you ask?


And how about a transcript of a recent Gmail chat?

me: Kinome
6:16 PM Corey: KYgnome
me: MyGnome
Corey: Gynome the gynocological "ome"
6:17 PM me: The Gynecological One
Corey: All things vaginal, including blood burps
me: Discluding
Corey: discharge
me: 'DisCharge?
6:18 PM Corey: Deez Chargers gonna kick ass dis season meng

I would have to agree with such an objective statement. Such reasoning, from such a reasoned man.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Yoga for Elimination

Hi All!

Welcome all readers who are arriving via http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/, specifically their mention of my blog on this page.

In case any of you are constipated, I highly recommend Yoga For Elimination. If I was smart, I'd have a link where you can buy my favorite flax seed supplement, and I could collect $ .05 for my troubles.

Also, for the many of you who reached this blog for a search for "The Sparrows are flying again, George," that is from the Steven King novel "The Dark Half" - one of my favorites.

If I was smart, I'd have an Amazon link so you could buy that book right now, and I'd collect $ .05 for my troubles. But I don't.

I have now decided to monetize this blog. Look for links to purchase great literature and great fiber in the coming days. I will also regale you with tales of my gastrointestinal system, the ins, the outs, the bulk of it all.

And whether or not it sinks or floats.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

If they Nationalzed everything

Would it really be that different than it is now? Would we not just go about applying the same level of industry toward the activities and endeavors we currently embark upon, and experience the equal plateau of satisfaction in relation to our environment? Would anything really change?