Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Successful Overstock.com Cancellation story!

I have successfully, unequivocally, cancelled a purchase with overstock.com, AND received a refund. In a timely manner. Praise the Lord.  

Here's the deal. About three weeks ago, I drank a very large amount of coffee. Thusly caffeinated, I decided I definitely, 100% to purchase a new rug for my new room. After much careful searching, I decided I needed something made of "Natural Fibers," with Seagrass leading the way.

So, I navigated the morass of Seagrass rugs through the various sites - I believe my favorite was NaturalAreaRugs.com, but frankly I didn't want to spend $500. But $284! Yes! I will, in fact (and in deed) spend $284 on a rug. A "Jute" rug! THIS one, in fact. Why not Seagrass? Impatience!

So I made the order around 10:00 am on a Tuesday. By 5:00 pm, I was down off the coffee and suffering from serious buyers remorse. So I called them up and requested cancellation. "Well," the guy (not verbatim) explained, "Once something is ordered, it's ordered. It will ship from the  warehouse. What I can do is send a cancellation email to the warehouse and see if they can stop it. We'll let you know in 1 to 2 days." I asked, can't you call the warehouse? No, it apparently doesn't work like that. Just where was this warehouse that you cannot call? "Georgia, I think," he stated.  What are the odds this cancellation will be successful? "About 50-50."

Then I proceeded to google "Overstock.com" and "cancellations" and a whole slew of bad information came up - basically everyone stating what happened to me in the above paragraph, and never getting their money back or sometimes even the product at all.

So, the next day I called them again to try to cancel and recieved a similar response. I called my bank to see if a stop payment was an option, which it was not, as I authorized the transaction. Then I just gave up on it, accepting that I had purchased a giant rug and it was coming. Oh and did I mention my girlfriend completely hated it? Well that was a small part of the cancellation desire, bien sur.

But then - Salvation! On Friday (same week) I get an email saying "We believe that we have resolved your inquiry." The following Tuesday, I had the money in my account. 

So, in light of all the bad experiences out there on the interweb w/overstock.com,  just wanted to put out some good mojo.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Celebration - O'Connell's Bar

Come on down to O'Connell's Bar tonight, and see my alter-ego, David (well, it's my real name, but kind of an alter ego, anyway) play guitar and sing in the band Kinome.

We will rock you! If, that is, what you desire. If not, well, we will provide you entertainment in the manner that's particular to your idiom.