Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Successful Overstock.com Cancellation story!

I have successfully, unequivocally, cancelled a purchase with overstock.com, AND received a refund. In a timely manner. Praise the Lord.  

Here's the deal. About three weeks ago, I drank a very large amount of coffee. Thusly caffeinated, I decided I definitely, 100% to purchase a new rug for my new room. After much careful searching, I decided I needed something made of "Natural Fibers," with Seagrass leading the way.

So, I navigated the morass of Seagrass rugs through the various sites - I believe my favorite was NaturalAreaRugs.com, but frankly I didn't want to spend $500. But $284! Yes! I will, in fact (and in deed) spend $284 on a rug. A "Jute" rug! THIS one, in fact. Why not Seagrass? Impatience!

So I made the order around 10:00 am on a Tuesday. By 5:00 pm, I was down off the coffee and suffering from serious buyers remorse. So I called them up and requested cancellation. "Well," the guy (not verbatim) explained, "Once something is ordered, it's ordered. It will ship from the  warehouse. What I can do is send a cancellation email to the warehouse and see if they can stop it. We'll let you know in 1 to 2 days." I asked, can't you call the warehouse? No, it apparently doesn't work like that. Just where was this warehouse that you cannot call? "Georgia, I think," he stated.  What are the odds this cancellation will be successful? "About 50-50."

Then I proceeded to google "Overstock.com" and "cancellations" and a whole slew of bad information came up - basically everyone stating what happened to me in the above paragraph, and never getting their money back or sometimes even the product at all.

So, the next day I called them again to try to cancel and recieved a similar response. I called my bank to see if a stop payment was an option, which it was not, as I authorized the transaction. Then I just gave up on it, accepting that I had purchased a giant rug and it was coming. Oh and did I mention my girlfriend completely hated it? Well that was a small part of the cancellation desire, bien sur.

But then - Salvation! On Friday (same week) I get an email saying "We believe that we have resolved your inquiry." The following Tuesday, I had the money in my account. 

So, in light of all the bad experiences out there on the interweb w/overstock.com,  just wanted to put out some good mojo.


Anonymous Amphasis said...

Thank you for sharing your shopping experience. I think in this era, we should share all our online experience be it good or bad.


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