Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Great Depression 2.0

Sure, the Great Depression sucked, and a new IMPROVED version is right around the corner, but did it really kill anyone? Did anyone die as a result of "The Great Depression?"*

Most of the pictures we see from that time show people lining up to get food - but they're wearing SUITS! They still had time to wear ties, dress nicely, and queue up for bread and vittles.

It's not like it was freakin' Auschwitz or anything, people. C'mon now. 

Smile! Flapper Dance! (with jazz hands!)

*On further review, it looks like people maybe died from starvation and whatnot, probably related to not having money, probably related to not having jobs, which was probably, maybe related to the great depression.  Still, I stand by my It Ain't Auschwitz statement. 


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