Friday, July 11, 2008

How Butch Women can Heal Troubled Teens - A Match made in California

I had a great idea for this and then I slightly forgot it, so I am going to attempt to remember it by typing.

Ok, so with the legalization of same sex marriages in California, I imagine there is going to be a great debate about adoption regarding these same sex couples. Well, if there isn't a debate, I am ready to throw my hat in and start one! You see, the issue at hand is this: Troubled Teens.

Follow me? Okay, so the story is this. There are some male on male and female on female couples out there who want kids, but due to their biological makeup, or lack of genetic intervention/innovation, cannot make it happen. You push, you pull, you tug, but in the end, try as you might, ain't nothing popping out of that womb (or stomach, if you are wombless, like the typical guy on guy coupling). So you gotta go get yis'self an adoption.

Now, for those of us who don't know, and adoption is different than an abortion. Yes, only two letters different, but if you google it, you'll find out what I'm saying. So, you're one of them newfangled gay married couples, and you want a kid. You go to the Adopt Mart (tm). Or, you go to Thailand, or some other country that lets you Adopt Asian Children. Whatever your need. Here's my take, though:

There are tons of "middle-aged" children available to adopt who have no shot at it. No shot. Troubled Teens, some might say, who get shuttled around from foster home to half way house, until they are 18, never knowing a mother's love. But you know what could heal these teens? TWO MOTHER'S LOVE! One caring, sentimental, and feminine love, and one short haired, masculinely built, good at softball love! That's some double loving you can't find in most places.

In fact, I think it should be mandatory that if you want to adopt, and you are a my two mom (or dad) scenario, than you have to take a Troubled Teen as a child. No fresh young whippersnappers for you, my dear(s) - California gave you a new lease on married life, return the favor and help out one of California's Troubled Teens.

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