Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Monolith - A retrospective in low resolution camera phone images.

Ah, the pillars of Red Rocks ampitheatre.

One such pillar, anyway.

I recently had the fortune, my poor and unfortunate guest, to attend the inaugural Monolith Festival, held at the aforementioned Colorado arena.

Dare I say, it fucking rocked, although with such impressive photographic evidence heredisplayed, who needs my words to thee sway?

Some band from the first day who moderately rocked.

Maybe Kings of Leon, who rawked the haus on the first night. Maybe not, though.

But certainly not the Decembrists, to whom I immediately bid adieu and headed to the downstairs bar.

I sent a text message describing their performance as: "If Jesus made Christmas Boring. The Decembrists."

This picture, though, Though, may be Art Brut - who I thought were kind of OK. Vocally loud.

The night ended with Cake, who were pretty fucking good as well. "Play She's Going the Distance, for fucks sake!" being a common refrain. "Or that other fucking one I know."

That night, deciding to take it Chelada style..

My accomplice and I ran into the lead singer of the (below pictured) Brian Jonestown Massacre in the parking lot outside "Jose O'Sheas" apparently Mex-Irish palace of destruction (with a free mexican food bar buffet!).

He is an intense man.

I will not regale you with a full transcription of our brief encounter, for it it ours to treasure alone, but I will relay one morsel he spaketh to said accomplice:

"Your father fucked a good looking woman but you still have the traits of your father."

I still have the traits of San Diego.

This is probably Cake again. I took none of the Flaming Lips, who I thought ruled.

Ah, Yoshimi.


Blogger Candy Minx said...

I can not believe you met Anton Newcombe!!!!!

I am beside myself jealous....!!!!!!!!

I can only imagine what kind of a conversation you had and thanks for sharing the bit you did about your parentage...

Hey just a big ol howdy to ya!!!!

Blogger dancing at gunpoint said...

The Decembrists sure are mediocre!


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