Thursday, August 07, 2008

My 100th Post

I have given up coffee for, er, three days now, in an ongoing effort to a) remember how to sleep again without the aid of drugs, and b) manifest better energy, as the life schedule has been rapidly increasing as of late.

Been drinking the green tea, just about a cup a day, and although no headaches to report, a definite, general malaise has crept in. More than that, though, I'm tired as shit.

And that's all I got for my 100th post.


Blogger Candy Minx said...

Happy 100th post! Wow, way to go!

That is rough giving up coffee. I don't usually drink coffee at coffee shops. But I drink a lot of te. I have been drinkign a fair bit of an organic green tea and it has a bit of a lift.

I have heard for some people..that coffee helps fight off depression. Some people seem to be meant to drink it it helps their brain functions or something.

Great to "see"'s been a while...

Blogger Sean Leather said...

I gave up coffee almost 2 years ago. In the first 2+ weeks after I stopped, it was the worst decision I could remember making: headaches, trouble sleeping, trouble staying awake, etc.

After that period, though, I think it has been one of the best decisions I have made. Compared to when I drank coffee, I feel more awake during the day, I sleep better, and I don't feel the need for that pick-me-up that I used to have.

All of the above actually took me by surprise. I didn't really expect a big difference. Why? Because I was drinking only one 12 to 16 oz cup in the morning every day. I didn't drink any after noon or in the evening, except for the occasional (less than once every other week) trip to a coffee house.

So, anyway, I just came upon your blog via an article on colon cleansing. Good luck with the coffee stoppage. You don't really need caffeine, anyway.

Blogger David said...

Minx! How goes it! Yeah, I've been returning to some regular blogging lately. Inspirado strikes sometimes.

Sean, thanks for the advice on caffeine. I'm finding it better to use it medicinally rather than habitually, and hopefully, migrate to very low usage.

Blogger DreShmae said...

I've given up caffeine (jebus, I even had trouble spelling it for a minute) for the last 6 months or so. I went 1/2 caff for awhile, and weaned myself onto decaf, finally. and let me say, when i really do need the jolt, a single regular drip caffeinated beverage will do, and I don't have to buy some crazy expensive fascist chain coffee shop sugar and crack-based espresso.

Thanks for reading.


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