Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Virgin Mary in Mayonnaise

My girlfriend once worked at a fine culinary establishment called "The Spot" in La Jolla, Ca. One day, she grabbed the ladle and started spooning out mayo, and one big blob fell off and onto the countertop. Looking down, she saw it was not an ordinary mistake, but the will of the Holy Spirit, rebirthing the sacred corpus of the Virgin Mary in earthen condiment form, a reminder of salvation for those whose holy trinity includes egg whites, vinegar, and prayer. 

The Virgin Mary of Mayonnaise appeared in the Summer of 2008, late July, in La Jolla, California. 


Anonymous Meatwad said...

We are all in AWE of her greatness.

Blogger Analyst Catalyst said...

All I know about The Spot is that my wife ordered a caesar salad there, and we're both pretty sure that the "dressing" was just mayo.

Pretty gross, but relevant (tangentially) to the post.


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