Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Smorgasbord w/Garden Update

First of all, I'll give you all a garden update...

Compare the picture to the one from this post a few months back and you will see the power of THIS FULLY OPERATIONAL SAN DIEGO CLIMATE.

*The Swedish word "smörgåsbord" is a word consisting of the words smörgås ("open faced sandwich") and bord ("table").

Secondly, my stock picks from my last post? Absolutely fucking tearing shit up. I imagine this may jinx them, but damn, I publish one stock tip and the shit explodes. My Penny stock, Cerro Dorado? Up to 5 cents! That's a GOD DAMN 500% increase. So, then Hubris came over, and, well, anyway..

Thoughts on the Champions League final - Barcelona have a great team. Also, Man United did not show up. I do not truly believe Barcelona was THAT much better than Man U - Ferguson got his tactics and lineup wrong. Truthfully I like Barcelona more, and am glad to see Henry get his winner's medal, but In would have preferred to see a much better game - especially given the presentation, in stunningly clear HD, was the best visually presented soccer game I have ever seen. 

Perhaps some more thoughts as the day continues..


Blogger Candy Minx said...

Your garden is lovely. I bet you've had salads galore in the past couple of weeks...yummy!


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