Monday, December 04, 2006


Recently went with the lady friend to Rosarito, about 45 minutes south of Tijuana on the Baja coast. Where decrepit old homes sit on bluffs overlooking oceanic majesty.

In this house live many birds. Under the house, lots of bird shit.

The back of the house, though, still pretty nice action happening.

And what's that sailboat looking thingy in the distance?

One of the props from Master and Commander. That outcropping of land is home to Fox Studios, where they shot Titanic and the aforementioned boat movie.

Ah, but all good things must come to an end.. Like the tenure of the lady friends' family trailer, having stayed on the same lot for 30+ years. And most of the homes seen in these photographs. Because of this good ole' monstrosity, now under construction a couple of hundred feet up the beach.

Viva Mexico.


Anonymous Melina said...

Ahhh...Rosarito. Thanks for the memory flashback David. Went there back in July 2004 and had a fantastic time. Actually visited Fox Studios!!!

It was puzzling to me too how the beach was so beautiful and the homes in such a state of disrepair and junky compared to north of the border. We stayed at Paloma in a timeshare, so it was pretty nice.

Got to experience the whole "Papas and Beer" phenom. Now I can die.


Anonymous candyminx said...

Those are fascinating sites and such contrasts. I love the grey light makes the dingy houses look so crisp...if that's possible. Does anyone squat in those houses, I feel tempted...

It's weird how ina city or huge trendy area...spots like those would be coveted and big deal real estate what kind of strange weirdo creature we are that it is there...turned almost in shanty or slum...?


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