Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Yeah, yeah, I know - update, update.

Sorry folks - I done been away on vacation this h'ya last week, and I done no updating. Yes, I have received your emails, and I appreciate the encouragement and support. Particularly the one from "Amalgam H. Maybelline," regarding the "Naked Dating Club." Following the hectic day today, I may in fact have enough cleared off the slate to take old Amalgam up on her offer. At least, I think Amalgam is a she, but no matter; a naked dating club should provide enough to go 'round for all peoples. It is a club, right? And an exclusive one at that, considering I got the email from Amalgam his/herself.

Anyway, maybe even as soon as tonight I can throw up a post regarding my voyage to the East, nay, the South East, replete with the usual witticisms, photographic wonder, and that certain, how do you say, Je ne sais quoi, that keeps you coming back for more. In the mean time, visit the links on the right, peruse the archives, and read up more on yours truly - the more you know, the better. The better what, you say?



Blogger copyranter said...

welcome back. I just caught your jon benet haiku. excellent.

Blogger David said...

It's all about keeping JBR's name in circulation so she can make it to Valhalla.. or, in her case, ValSmalla.

Blogger Virgle Kent said...

look dude, make sure you know if it's a He or she!!! Trust me, sometimes you just can't tell... even if it has HUGE boobs!


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