Monday, March 13, 2006

Profligacy Now!

Today, dear reader, was a day of DEFINITION. You see, with a nod to thine own singular appreciation of my etymological situation, I have defined a word, on mine own terms. And that word, my friends, is PROFLIGACY.

According to the alcohol-induced scribbling before me, I define said word as:

A Highly Specialized (And Personalized) Degree of Abundance.

A certain web site defines it differently, yet in eerily similar terms.

It Goes "Squeeze Me.. C'mon and Squeeze Me.. Come on and Tease me Like You Do.. I'm So in Love with You..

Mama's got a Squeeze Box ..

.. Daddy's a Profligate!"

** I was a hand model... once.


Anonymous melina said...

nice "lotion" next to the lamp...

ha ha ha ha ha...

gosh, you're such a profligator david...

Blogger David said...

Hey, that lotion is straight from the Atlantis Hotel and Casino from lovely Reno, Nevada.

It appeals to my feminine sensibilities.

Blogger dancing at gunpoint said...

Part of said website's definition of profligate is "a state of being abandoned in moral principle and in vice."
I can deal with being abandoned in moral principle, but without vices I'd be lost, man.

Blogger Virgle Kent said...

That dude's got a sweet stash on his face, but it would take me 5 years to grow something like that. I was late bloomer

In one night Duke begins the journey to the top.



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