Friday, February 17, 2006

96 Hours Later


Blogger Virgle Kent said...

yo whats the dealz son, it's about 10:00pm eastern coast time or whatever and a negro has been sippin on two Hurricane 40 ounces... coming through in Calie this summer, you better have something to holla at!!! duh

Get Gumby some ass, the dolphine aint cutin it

Blogger David said...

V - you come by Cali this summer, you damn well know there'll be somethin to holla at. I'll get my crew to show you D.C. folk what's really down.

As far as Gumby goes, I believe there's a young stallion named Pokey who gives Gumby all he needs. Thankfully, I've never seen true evidence of this, but I hope it's true, for Gumby's sake.


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