Monday, December 19, 2005

The Island of Misfit Pictures

The rise of digital photography has resulted in a veritable glut of photos which may never see the light of day, eternally condemned to the confines of ones' own hard drive. Oftentimes, these pictures may seek release, through blogs, photo web sites, or other methods. The rejected, nay, the unchosen few may seek comfort in numbers, banding together, uniting in darkness, seeking only expression through some viable means.. Like this posting, analgous to the Island of Misfit Toys (tm), I thee present, the aforementioned Island of Misfit Pictures. *

September brought about mine own birthday, and the arrival of Shitler, aka Pilar, the new kitten..

.. Who amused us all with her first shit (in our litterbox)!! Note the Miller Lite cap to scale (and first piss, if you look closely to the right. Go ahead. I know you want to.)

I also wanted to point out my prowess in photographing signs out of the passenger seat of a moving vehicle as I drove through the Mojave from Las Vegas back to San Diego..

Pretty! Deserty! Mountainous!

.. And this one.. Gallery worthy.

Analgous to the choices we must make, such as Baker, Barstow, or Los Angeles...

..We must also decide between Pleasure, Poetry (ahem Conde Nast), and Philosophy..

..Putting on airs debonair..

.. Debauched..

... Debased..

.. Or sewing one's own cartoonish musical oats..

.. Pining for the glories of yesteryear**...

.. And letting everybody know what's going on down below.

* Also known as mailing in a post with old, rejected pictures.
** (My official entry for the New Sincerity contest - Point Guard of the New Sincerity, James "Mookie" Wright, former University of Colorado star, straight outta Compton, CA . Sadly, he was not among the winners.)


Anonymous melina said...

Yay for pooping in the litter box! Your little girl is a GOOD girl!

Blogger David said...

Now she is a veritable terror, who likes to bite people in the nose while they sleep.

But she does go in the box!

Anonymous heidi said...

Your blog is hilarious. I'll be reading...

Blogger David said...

Bring it on.


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