Monday, December 12, 2005

When The Cat's Away.. Fuck.

Great News!

Just found out today!

My house mate watches porn on my laptop!

.. And I swear the letter "k" is not working properly..

. And I know it's not a fucking coincidence.

.. 'Tis a fate I endure. Hiterto, unbeknownst to myself, said camarade de chambre (actually a house mate, but similar level of trust implicit in either description) watched special films whilst I toiled throughout the day .

Quand le chat est parti les souris dansent.

His explanation a very missal on the claimless ways of modernity.

"It's the only DVD player that works in the house."

I will now make sure to shut down and always password protect shit, for I have learned what things may pass, confronted with the debased nature of my fellow man. With mine own ears, I have heard the shrieking howl for mercy from the harpys of dusk; their bemoaned fates no longer painful in the face of destiny mine. I know and am forsaken for the path that I now walk, whether chosen, pre-ordained the question moot..

These truths I verily know.

And the letter "K" knows only darkness.


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