Monday, November 07, 2005

Big Ass Martini Glass: Or How I Learned to Stop Hating and Love the Gin

I am a Glass Blower.

As I work with borosilicate glass as my medium, I am technically a LampWorker.

T'is true. Some times I underwhelm myself; others, I am able to find the fine line between acceptance and smug, self-anointed beattitude regarding my "Artistic" output, potentialities, and current, demonstrated capabilities. I thought I was pretty fucking dope when I made this big ass, two foot five inch lamp, replete with glass lampshade and filled with multicolor aquarium sand.

Yes, friend, I was proud that day. But with many interests and questions abounding in my life, I have strayed from the torch on recent occasion, favoring the comfort of alcohol and other forms of persuasion to get me through the slowly encroaching cold tightening its grasp on the San Diego autumn evenings.

Sunday, however, the muse reached forth, and with both hands carried me from the walking slumber of the Sabbath, directing me toward the work studio. To the backyard I went, with visions of prophetic cherubs blowing heavenly horns on high, heralding mine emergence into the greatness of the art world.

Then, however, I fucked up about three pieces in a row, and decided I needed a drink. Little did I know, Inspirado lurked nearby, like an eleven year old pickpocket in an Amsterdam train station, daring you to venture unaccompanied into Le Double V C.

Said lurking by inspirado was done in a bottle of gin, and before you can say "Pour me another," I had undertaken a quest to create the Largest Martini Glass in the World - or at least the biggest one I had ever made.

This is how it turned out - 2 feet, 9 inches of pure, unadulterated, Gin consuming power.

Pat demonstrates the sheer power and terrifying potential of such an instrument. He, however, chose Jack Daniels on ice to inaugurate the beast.

Gumby goes all 'Heff.


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