Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nothing against Brooklyn (Baja Bash, day one).

Voyage to Baja Bash

Driving from San Diego to Salsipuedes, Mexico, one must traverse the bastard child of Gomorrah, Tijuana. Thusly, I took only one photo of that blightful brethren of Brooklyn.

The drive down the highway through Baja parallels the ocean, a veritable route one reversal of Malibuic proportions, yielding visions such as these.

En route we stopped at an abandoned rest stop.

Smiled upon the relics of generations past..

And anointed the waters.. with our own mandate.

Baja bash campgrounds were actually located on the jutting peninsula to which Pat points...

.. upon which protrusion of land we embark, lay down our tents, bask in the sun..

.. And embrace the local color.

"Wait! I'll take a picture of you, taking a picture of me! It'll be HILARIOUS!"

In the evening the planet tilts, and asparagii distend from her earthen womb.

Some battle the scourgetable vertically...

Others zoom out, vainly seeking the greature picture..

...whose solemn gaze whispers the sweet name dusk...

.. and heralds the beckoning call of dawn.


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