Monday, October 10, 2005

Baja Bash, Part Deux.

Arising early, I survey the surrounding campsites.

The stage on which the bands performed can be seen at the lower left. and our campsite was up on an old horse trail, overlooking the scene.

A sweet view.. from which vantage point I definitely did not throw anything, especially anything dangerous, at anyone below. Certainly not a baseball sized rock, and vehemently not so in a drunken, angry stupor. Moving on.. Our tents, on the horse trail, on the right side of the photo, above the masses.

Deciding that immediate alcohol consumption would not be conducive to remaining conscious for 14 bands in the hot sun and into the night, Pat and I decide to go for a hike.

High above the hills.

Gratuitious nature shot.

The campsite was located on an old ranch which stretched for miles along the coastline. Here, Pat inspects the local flora.. and perhaps some fauna.

Not your average fucking cactus.

Note to self: Rotate certain pictures before uploading them.

Rackin' Pinion!

.. Meanwhile, Corey and Lisa had decided to..

.. take the inflatable mattress and sail in the Pacific. That's them, the tiny dot looking thing, out to sea. Unfortunately, they returned, just in time to see this..

.. turn into this.

And with the dissipation of light came the dissolution of the bonds of morality and decency, and it was time to drink. And drink heavily.


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