Monday, January 09, 2006

The Ghost of Drinks Yet to Come...

Throughout history, man has vaingloriously searched for glimpses of an unknown, some would say ethereal presence, manifesting through the ordinary and mundane details of life. Fervently driven by the fiery passion of diligent dreamers, our kin have witnessed weeping statues, stigmatic still lifes, images of iconography religious and otherwise, etched in living oak, stained into lascivious linen, found in foodstuffs. Several months past, there was a certain party celebrated for a certain housemate, and unbeknowst to us at the time, there were... OTHERS in attendance... Others of a divine, perhaps demonic, but certainly.. otherworldly origin. Specifically (and reverently) I thee present, Dear Reader, Sir Floating Skull Face, unseen until downloaded, staring down at us through the oversized martini glass..

.. Only to receive a Seductively sullen stare in return.

And a fuzzy one for good measure.

Now, I'm no luddite, but I now know how to break an old washing machine: Put a large load on a small cycle, sit back and smell the sweet, salient scent of Triumph.


Cleaning a kegerator, however, falls under someone else's jurisdiction of responsibility. But seriously, everyone, get your hand off that fucking mouse. Look. Look closely. This is a rare, one of a kind, IN ACTION photograph of a kegerator cleaning. I've seen your New Year's resolutions lists. I know your inner dreams and goals; your very fantasies circle the fringes of mine own psychic consciousness, waiting to be realized, hoping for acknowledgement. So look; nay, look well. Regard this incarnation of thine hope, manifest.

Water goes in, AND WATER COMES OUT!*

Apparently, however, I cannot seem to remove the time date stamp from a picture, although many have tried to explain the process, I simply smile, nod my head, and plod on, unsuccessfully.

One thing I do know, however, is that a good manservant is a priceless commodity, specifically one cartoonish and green. Like Gumby.

And when preparing for festive occasions, those half-barrels can be quite the load. So why not have others bear the burden of our own spoils? And spills?

Easy there, big fella. Lift with your legs, not with your back.

Uh oh.. looking a little shaky...

Alright, Gumby, step aside.

Mount that golden shower like only you can..

And calmly witness the throng of gin-soaked pilgrims flocking to pay homage to skull-face-in-the-glass: apparition, lover, deceiver, thwarter of bad tidings, beatific harbringer of a gloriously strange and enigmatic Aught Six for one and all.

*Um.. what the fuck?


Anonymous melina said...

eee-yeuh! a skull!

omg! triumph! no way! my first boyfriend evs back in 1980 played them non-stop...the reminded me of led zepp + emerson, lake & palmer = triumph. truly great rock at its canadian best.

again, great pics and commentary...esp. fuzziness.

gumby's one strong dude too, woah!

Blogger Angelina said...

oh Christ...that Gumby...he fucking SLAYS me!

Blogger David said...

He's money in the bank, that Gumby. Pure blogging Gold. Helps out when the idea well runs dry.

Blogger a_dog's_life said...

If you look at it, it sorta looks like Gumby in the glass... or maybe a distant relative.

Blogger David said...

The funny thing about Gumby is that we found him wrapped in a plastic bag and stuffed in the attic when we first moved into our house. Had we never looked up there, we would have never met such a fine friend.

Blogger Virgle Kent said...

HOLD UP! You clean your own kegerator? Now why didnt I think of that, once a year we have one of our moms come up and do it for us, it's a win win, they clean the kegerator and we promise them grand kids. But your idea might save me a years worth of guilt.

Blogger David said...

Viznirgle, I think you're onto something there. Send your mama west, young man.


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