Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Knee of Listening

Since it is, indeed, Independence Day, I decided that, in honor of mine own personal celebration of non-enslavement, I'd deign to share a bit of myself, with you, Dear Reader.

First of all, I am thrilled that Italy went through against Germany - I love the run that Klinsmann and the boys had, and I am a big fan of Jens Lehmann, as I do favor Arsenal as far as club teams go - but I am, at heart, an Italian American. The resolute Cannavaro and amazing Buffon merited their illustrious win. For my Peoples.

However, I remain despondent over the England loss. As a fan of the Premiership, I have come to know and love this England side. Crouchy, Rooney, Gerrard, Terry, Rio - all excellent players, and I sincerely believed a victory over Portugal was the likeliest result. My damn English friend got me hooked on Euro 2004 and that was it. A tough loss - but please, make your fucking penalty kick. And if you don't, at least kick the fucking thing hard.

Another thing that I shall share today is that I am, at heart, not only an Italian-American, but a Musician, as well.

Yes, it is true.

So, in honor of the Candy Minx, who left two comments on my last post, thusly earning automatic honorable mention (and possibly the title) for Commenter of the Year, and Melina, who staunchly supports and loves independent music (after all, it is Independence day), and finally, Miss Tanya, who, unbeknownst to herself, showed me how to host music through CastPost and put it on this here site (and also has a penchant for cover songs), I bequeath to all of you, originally recorded by 10,000 Maniacs, as the Candy Minx exclaims about herself, she's...

... Candy Everybody Wants.


Blogger Miss Tanya said...



Blogger Candy Minx said...

Happy birthday dear America...(breathily) Happy Birthday to wh.....youuuuuu

Hi big big boy you are so nice, thanks for the greeting!

You know I neeed your bloogging got to have all your bloggging...

Cheers and love,

Blogger Miss Tanya said...

I want to be commenter of 2007. What do I have to do, flash my cans?

Blogger Candy Minx said...

Flashing cans helps. Trust me.


Blogger David said...

Miss Tanya, flashing your cans will guarantee you commentor of 2007.

I'll even throw in the remainder of 2006, just for kicks.

Blogger Virgle Kent said...

yo when Italy won, I totally thought of you... does that make me gay? Probably


Blogger Lixxy said...

Argh. I can't believe France lost, it dashed my hopes for all of five seconds.

Good blog by the way tres amusing.



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