Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Figs of June

Through a tree lightly.. I espy such visions of summeresque beattitude that frankly, even a stout hearted man such as myself finds leanings, nay, subdued and long thought dead longings for whole, natural communion.

And what better moyenne, if you will, to achieve such communion, than through eating the fruits of the earth.

Early came the figs of summer.

Though the majority of said fruit ripen near the middle to end of July, there are some that yearn for release under a Gemini sun. These are the Figs of June.

Foolish are those who do the Dirty Work of others, said one Donald Fagen. Tending to agree, I thusmindedly appraised the situation of our early spawned protagonists.

A little wrinkled, for unnoticed go the Figs of June by unassuming human eyes.

The Ravens, however, know neither season nor master.

They feast on the bounty of lazy man, gutting nature of her bounty, leaving exposed, violated remnants of perfection..

.. which are themselves perfect.

Coming soon: The Peach tree of mid July.


Blogger copyranter said...

Yeah, NYC has that Summer Stink a little early this season, too.

Blogger Candy Minx said...

Wow, you have such a great garden! Yum!

Blogger Slinky Redfoot said...

You are such a stoner! I love it!


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